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Head of Science and Technology Ministry calls on AllTech

ABOVE: Vice Minister Wang Weizhong and his party take a stroll through the factory loading area of AllTech Medical Systems’ manufacturing base in Chengdu. PHOTO CREDIT: Liao Yongan

CHENGDU, CHINA—Interested in viewing first-hand the rumored innovation at AllTech Medical Systems, China’s Ministry of Science and Technology Vice Minister Wang Weizhong visited AllTech’s manufacturing base on June 1 to investigate its processes for himself. Vice Minister Wang’s party included Ma Yanhe, director-general of Department of Social Development; Peng Yuxing, Sichuan Province’s Director of Science and Technology Department; Zhou Menglin, deputy director; and Liu Xiaoliu, director-general of Chengdu’s Science and Technology Department.

AMS president Cindy Jin familiarized Vice Minister Wang and his group with AllTech’s latest enterprising endeavors by offering a presentation on the company’s operations. During the factory tour to follow, Vice Minister Wang was treated to an in-depth introduction to the 1.5T superconducting MRI prototype and machine production line. This part of the tour prompted a detailed question and answer session about the product's technical innovations and advantages compared with other imported products. 

After a report by from Ms. Jin on the challenges presented by scientific and technological innovative processes, Vice Minister Wang agreed on the importance of issues such as independent intellectual

property rights. He furthermore recommended that AllTech continue its commitment to research and development investments, improving product quality, upgrading after-sales service quality , and increasing the market share. In this way, the vice minister said AllTech will significantly contribute to strengthening and growing the medical imaging equipment market on a national level. 

About AllTech Medical Systems 

AllTech Medical Systems is poised to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of MRI systems. AMS is committed to engineering revolutionary MRI systems that improve the capability of existing systems while reducing costs, thereby increasing overall global access to this expensive but vital medical technology. 

ABOVE: Vice Minister Wang Weizhong (center) watches a demonstration of AllTech’s 1.5T superconductive MRI system, alongside AllTech COO David Grime (far left) and its president Cindy Jin (far right). PHOTO CREDIT: Liao Yongan