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AMS takes the spotlight at ceremony targeting medical innovation

AllTech Medical Systems takes the spotlight at launch ceremony targeting medical innovation

People’s Hospital of Sichuan Province purchases new 1.5T system

ABOVE: Participants in the “Ten Hundred and Ten Million Project” explore the production line of AllTech’s wide-bore superconducting magnet during the program’s kick-off meeting. PHOTO CREDIT: Liao Yongan

CHENGDU, CHINA—In an ever-evolving effort to help energize its own industry, AllTech Medical Systems took center stage during the July 24 kick-off event for the “Ten Hundred and Ten Million Project.” A collaboration between many agencies, the project seeks to spur broader experimentation in applying medical instrument technology.

Jointly hosted by numerous government groups—including the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Health Service, and the People's Government of Sichuan Province—the inaugural event could not have been held in a better venue than Chengdu, which is home to many industrial innovators. Notable event attendees included such head dignitaries as Wang Weizhong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology; Chen Wenhua, Sichuan’s Vice Governor; He Wei, chief of the Science and Education Department of Health; Yang Zhe, Vice Chief of the Department of Developing Science and Technology; and Sun Lei, Vice Chief of the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA). 

ABOVE: Members of “Ten Hundred and Ten Million Project” pose for pictures with AllTech president Cindy Y. Jin (at left) and COO David Grime (second from right) on the grounds of AllTech’s manufacturing base.PHOTO CREDIT: Liao Yongan

The occasion also doubled as another milestone moment for AllTech: the purchasing of an additional AllTech Centauri 1.5T system by a happy repeat customer, the People’s Hospital of Sichuan Province. To seal the deal, the hospital’s Vice President Deng Shaoping and AllTech’s president Cindy Y. Jin ceremoniously signed a delivery agreement during the event. Following these festivities, project members headed to the hospital’s west district location, for a first-hand demonstration of their existing Centauri system and its clinical applications.

Later that afternoon, AllTech executives treated several of the event’s key players to a private tour of the factory. Honored guests included Vice Chief Yang Zhe; Huang Jing, the director of China’s Biotechnology Development Center; SFDA Vice Chief Sun Lei; Zhou Menglin, Vice President of Sichuan’s Science and Technology Department; and Cheng Yong, Vice President of Sichuan’s FDA. 

After the tour, AllTech CEO Mark X. Zou presented guests with an extensive report on the company’s scientific and technological achievements, followed by an outline of the company’s development plan by Ms. Jin.

During this exclusive visit, Vice Chief Yang Zhe singled out AllTech as an ideal model for successfully stimulating the economy through scientific ingenuity.

“AllTech has set a good example for other domestic medical equipment companies on how to realize the transformation of economic growth, using technological innovation,” Mr. Yang said.

See below for a brief photo essay of the “Ten Hundred and Ten Million” kick-off event.

ABOVE: Members of the “Ten Hundred and Ten Million Project” observe the AllTech Centauri 1.5T MRI system’s clinical applications in action during a visit to the west district location of the People’s Hospital of Sichuan Province. PHOTO CREDIT: Liao Yongan

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